Software I've written

Sap Simulator II executables A Win32 Sap-1 and Sap-1A simulator program
SS2 source code Code to the above program. In Borland OWL C++.
Poster A textfile posting program for Citadel+ BBSs.
Unix->69 An Internet Mailing list / Newgroup posting program also for Citadel+ BBSs.
Stat/Statgen A Trap file analizer, Statistics generation program. This was written with the help of Counselor. I am no longer working on this.
Scanner A new node and new network connection detection program.
Nodelist A network statistics generator.
dir69 A directory networking program. This is currently in development. This is no longer in development.
NetFOG This is a little network FOG index/word usage statistics generator I wrote a while back. It's just a hack. Indeed it doesn't even run on Skaro; it runs out of memory befor it gets through my message base. But it might work okay on a board with a smaller message base. Or if it were compiled on a machine running a modern OS.
Util Code This is all the C code for my Citadel utilities. It also includes the most up-to-date (sometimes beta) binaries. If you want to hack away at any of my programs, this is the file you want.

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