In August 1999 I bought a second hand dictionary of space terms that had been published in the early 1960’s in England,UK.
At the back of the dictionary I found a number of contemporary newspaper cuttings that the previous owner had obviously collected and placed at the back of the book for safe keeping .
Some now make interesting reading and this short web page presents these cuttings.
For some reason,this person did not cut out the ‘full article’ so some are only partial stories but you can make out the thread of each one easily.


NOTE: You will have to click on images and view outside the web page to read the text

30 November 1999

16th May 1960

These cuttings relay the story of the Soviet Union’s unmanned Vostok test flight.

Remember this just under
one year before Yuri Gagarin’s first manned orbital flight in April 1961.

Note the artist’s depiction of the Vostok capsule


28th October 1959

This news story was published
just after Russia’s Lunik-3 unmanned
space probe photographed the Moon’s
far-side for the very first time.

It compares America’s space programme
against Russia’s space programme.

Note at this stage in the ‘space race’
it was "neck-and-neck" .


7th March 1960

This is an interesting story
since this was published
BEFORE President John
F.Kennedy announced
Project Apollo would
fly to the Moon
in May 1961


12th March 1960

Interesting story about the American Pioneer V space probe in that England’s Jodrell Bank radio telescope was used to send the signal to Pioneer V that would seperate it from its carrier rocket.

Jodrell Bank had earlier been used by the Russian’s to track Sputnik-1 and some later Lunik ( Luna ) flights. Some years later ,the same observatory scooped the world when it received and published the very first images snapped from the Moon’s surface by Russia’s Luna-9 robot lunar lander.The observatory loaned a fax receiver from the Daily Express to enable those first pictures to be published to scoop the world !


8th July 1961

Just weeks after his historic first man in space flight on 12th April 1961, Yuri Gagarin came to Britain.

I will let you make your own judgments on the content of this news cutting story.


3rd February 1964

A news story about the American Ranger unmanned lunar exploration probes published just after Ranger VI had failed its mission.

The next probe Ranger VII ,however, was highly succesful and gave added impetus to the American Apollo programme.

N.E.P. - Northern Evening Post ?

11th May 1962

Interesting story about America’s planned NOVA rocket programme.

This was to become known as the Saturn V rocket in later years.

The news cutting is labelled N.E.P. - which I have taken to be the
Northern Evening Post.
Any UK readers suggest which newspaper it might actually be?


5th May 1961

An artist’s drawing of
Alan Shepard’s
sub-orbital flight
in May 1961