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Space Shuttle
IMAGE: U.S. Air Force image of Columbia
Wednesday, NASA released e-mails of conversations between engineers, which took place in the days before Columbia's planned landing on Feb. 1. Engineers were asked to give their worst case "What if?" scenarios regarding problems that could occur should the wheel well be damaged during re-entry. None of the engineers believed there was a problem with the underside of the orbiter that would cause an accident such as occurred Feb. 1.
Space Station
IMAGE:  The Expedition Six crew
Wednesday aboard the International Space Station, the three-member Expedition Six crew participated in an emergency evacuation drill and prepared for a software upgrade for computers in the Russian segment.

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  IMAGE: NASA home page
Behind the Scenes IMAGE: NASA home pageSpace News
IMAGE: Behind the scenes of launchpad processing
Human space flight starts on the ground, where thousands of NASA employees, contractors and industry partners work together to send humans safely into space. Meet the people who make it all happen and visit the unique facilities where they work in Behind the Scenes, a new section of the Human Space Flight Web.
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IMAGE: HSF Web Top 10

IMAGE: Web Launch Pad
IMAGE: ER-2 aircraft
NASA high-altitude research aircraft flew over portions of Space Shuttle Columbia's flight path Feb. 22. NASA's ER-2 used special cameras to search for debris that may have separated from Columbia as it returned to Earth Feb. 1. The ER-2 is similar to U.S. Air Force U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards, Calif., operates a pair of ER-2s for earth and environmental science missions.

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