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10 Years After
In the year 2525, 3100k
Good Morning Little School Gir, 6634k
I'd Love To Change the World, 3492k
Alan Parsons Project
I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You, 3176k
Psychobabble, 4552k
Time, 4096k
I Robot, 5648k
Eye In The Sky, 4324k
Amboy Dukes, The
The Ultimate Collection
04Inside the Outside, 3171k
07Surrender To Your Kings, 2750k
08Gimme Love, 2678k
16Missionary Mary, 2427k
18I'll Prove I'm Right- Conclusi, 3383k
Journey to the Center / Mind, 3376k
You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe F, 4492k
Let's Go Get Stoned, 5263k
Animals, The
the animals - inside looking out.mp3, 3559k
Memphis Tennessee, 2208k
Mess Around, 1664k
Sky Pilot, 7051k
Soul Finger, 2220k
Blues Traveler
Hook, 4535k
Just Wait, 4464k
Run Around, 3298k
But Anyway (live), 5557k
Just Wait, 5214k
Bob Dylan
Hard To Find
00Playboys And Playgirls, 4614k
00House of The Rising Sun, 3749k
00Boogie Woogie Country Girl, 4423k
00Pretty Boy Floyd, 6162k
00The Ballad Of Hollis Brown, 7543k
00Heartland, 6359k
00Sign Language, 4090k
00The Usual, 4936k
00Night After Night, 3936k
00A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 10346k
Hard to Find Volume 7
00the lonesome river, 3586k
00chimes of freedom, 4845k
00train of love, 3908k
00i'm not supposed to care, 4769k
00newry highwayman, 5213k
00the times we've known, 3640k
00the white dove, 5439k
00oh babe, it ain't no lie, 4844k
00handy dandy, 5640k
00tv talkin' song, 4340k
00my blue eyed jane, 3563k
00hallelujah, i'm ready to go, 3060k
00be not a stranger, 3600k
00long black veil, 7131k
00viola lee blues, 5408k
00rock of ages, 4513k
00down along the cove, 4913k
00i am the man thomas, 2857k
00dark as a dungeon, 7038k
00pass me not oh gentle saviour, 4378k
In Concert 1963
01Ramblin Through the World, 2436k
02Bob Dylan's Dream, 5446k
03Tomorrow is a Long Time, 3488k
04Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag, 3691k
05Masters of War, 5586k
06Walls of Red Wing, 6734k
07Hero Blues, 3360k
08Who Killed Davey Moore, 4522k
09With God on Our Side, 7118k
10Dusty Old Fairgrounds, 6192k
11John Brown, 6068k
12You've Been Hiding Too Long, 2824k
13Lay Down Your Weary Tune, 5862k
14When the Ship Comes In, 4170k
15Percy's Song, 10774k
16Seven Curses, 4758k
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 3996k
My back pages, 4415k
Born on the 4th of july - A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall.mp3, 4675k
KOHD Bob Dylan & Tom Pety - KOHD (Live).mp3, 966k
Bob Dylan&Tom Petty - Rolling Stone (Live).mp3, 4415k
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, 8959k
dylan, bob & tom petty - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Live).mp3, 4070k
Bob Dylan Blues, 3680k
joan baez - a hard rain's a-gonna fall.mp3, 7226k
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, 5994k
My back pages, 4412k
105 tangled, 13555k
109 watchtower, 7102k
109 Stuck Inside Of Mobile, 11984k
110 Simple Twist Of Fate, 9992k
201 Drifter's Escape, 6453k
202 Highway 61 Revisited, 9367k
203 Love Sick, 8722k
204 Like A Rolling Stone, 10552k
HardToFind, 4317k
205 It Ain't Me Babe, 14074k
Tell Me, Momma, 7270k
Bob Dylan - 11 Corrina, Corrina.mp3, 3854k
Bob Dylan - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (1973).mp3, 2332k
07 - Master Of War, 8383k
Wild Mountain Thyme, 2415k
Blowin' in the Wind (live), 2048k
Spanish Harlem Incident, 2270k
Spike (Live), 6746k
Caribbean Wind, 5770k
Bob Marley
bob marley - get up stand up.mp3, 3075k
Buddy Holly
Not Fade Away, 2838k
Oh Boy, 1991k
Peggy Sue, 2372k
Raining In My Heart, 4554k
Rave On, 1728k
That'll Be The Day, 2180k
Think it Over, 2112k
buddy holly - true love ways.mp3, 2612k
buddy holly - wake up little susie.mp3, 2172k
great balls of fire, 1751k
buddy holly - heartbeat.mp3, 2039k
fought the law, 2154k
It Doesn't Matter Anymore, 1984k
It's So Easy, 2015k
It's so Easy, 2030k
buddy holly - wake up little suzy.mp3, 1925k
buddy holly - weezer.mp3, 2486k
Words of Love, 1376k
All I Have To Do is Dream, 2206k
Bo Diddley, 2186k
buddy holly - bye bye love.mp3, 2211k
crying, waiting, hoping, 1670k
Earth Angel, 2832k
Everyday, 2556k
Buffalo Springfield
Spooky, 2426k
Sugar Mountain, 3223k
buffalo springfield - cinnamon girl.mp3, 2817k
buffalo springfield - down to the wire.mp3, 2279k
Stuck in the Middle With You, 3114k
buffalo springfield - Bluebird (rare long version).mp3, 8472k
Eve of Destruction, 3351k
buffalo springfield - Helpless.mp3, 3446k
Merry-Go-Round, 2506k
buffalo springfield - Rock 'n' Roll Woman.mp3, 2539k
Byrds, The
Fifth Dimension
00Hey Joe, 2076k
04I See You, 1833k
09Captain Soul, 3452k
15Eight Miles High (alternate ta, 3955k
17John Riley (instrumental v), 23715k
Sweetheart of the Rodeo
0101-you ain-t going nowhere.mp3, 4970k
0202-i am a pilgrim.mp3, 6954k
0303-the christian life.mp3, 4807k
0404-you don-t miss your water.mp3, 7230k
Turn! Turn! Turn!
00The Times Thay Are a Changin', 2207k
10Wait And See, 2791k
12Day Walk (Never Before), 3600k
Hang On Sloopy, 2833k
If You're Gone, 3957k
It Won't Be Wrong, 1858k
Oh! Susannah, 4522k
The World Turns All Around Her, 2126k
Have You Seen Her Face, 2558k
He Was A Friend of Mine, 2316k
Lay Down Your Weary Tune, 3304k
Satisfied Mind, 2348k
5D (Fifth Dimension), 2445k
I Come and Stand, 4227k
I Know My Rider, 2594k
John Riley, 2832k
Psychodrama City, 3211k
The Lear Jet Song, 2215k
Why, 2556k
Set You Free This Time, 3994k
So You Want To Be A Rock N Rol, 1953k
Spanish harlem incident, 3225k
Turn Turn Turn, 3711k
Say Those Magic Words, 3059k
Draggin' (live), 2603k
Ballad Of Easy Rider (live), 3142k
mr tambourine man (live), 2335k
Why (Single V), 4293k
Eight Miles High, 3375k
Hey Mr. Spaceman (N), 2056k
What's Happening?!?!, 3600k
His, 5991k
Canned Heat
The Best Of
00Parthenogenesis, 18820k
07Whiskey Headed Woman, 4416k
13I'm Her Man, 2769k
Track 16, 3560k
canned heat - Rockin' With the King.mp3, 3064k
Sandy's Blues, 6336k
canned heat - Sic 'em Pigs.mp3, 2526k
canned heat - Synkronized.mp3, 10398k
canned heat - Take Me To The River.mp3, 1703k
canned heat - That's Alright Mama.mp3, 3999k
Up On Cripple Creek, 4288k
Walkin' By Myself, 2327k
House of Blue Lights, 3141k
Canned Heat / Leaving This Tow, 5584k
London Blues, 5174k
Mercury Blues, 3078k
Reefer Blues (Live '70), 3010k
Skat, 2569k
Turpentine Moan, 2775k
Woodstock Boogie, 12939k
Big Road Blues, 3684k
Can't Hold On, 2295k
canned heat - catfish blues.mp3, 6265k
canned heat - christmas blues.mp3, 3086k
Fried Hooked Boogie, 10402k
Gunstreet Girl, 4580k
Canned Heat-Refried Boogie, Part 1.mp3, 9164k
Guitar boogie shuffle - Bert Weedon.MP3, 2609k
canned heat - Centerstage Soundtrack.mp3, 3644k
Track 13, 2718k
Hucklebuck, 4544k
It's All Right, 6580k
Louise, 2876k
Cardigans, The
00After All..., 2761k
00After All, 2743k
00Black Letter Day, 4226k
00Cloudy Sky, 3870k
00Last Song, 3138k
00Rise & Shine, 3290k
00Seems Hard, 3707k
00Daddy's Car, 3362k
00Happy Meal, 2464k
00Our Space, 3287k
00Tommorow, 2882k
00Tomorrow, 4318k
03Fine, 2976k
06Celia Inside, 4386k
07Over The Water, 2090k
10Beautiful One, 3260k
11Gordon's Gardenparty, 3124k
12Hey! Get Out Of My Way, 3298k
00Pooh Song, 3046k
00The Boys Are Back in Town, 3806k
00Kiss me, 3240k
07Love Me, 3790k
11Track 11, 1608k
Do You Belive, 3094k
Emmerdale, 3398k
Erase rewind, 3351k
Erase Rewind, 3359k
Favorite Game, 3372k
my favourite game, 3404k
first band on the moon, 3471k
Do You?, 1199k
in the afternoon, 3903k
Rise and Shine, 3309k
deuce, 3307k
lovefool (club mix), 5707k
Mr Crowley, 3644k
my favorite game (acoustic), 2243k
My Favorite Game (GT2 Mix), 2340k
My Favourite Game, 3437k
Nasty Sunny Beam, 2730k
romeo and juliet soundtrack - The Cardigans-Lovefool, 3096k
sabbath bloody sabbath, 4188k
say that you love me, 3102k
Sick & Tired, 3176k
It's War, 3692k
Kiss Me, 3115k
Laika, 1886k
love fools, 3030k
travelling with charley, 3924k
Fool Love, 3089k
losing my favorite game, 3457k
come together (live), 7864k
the cardigans - a life less or, 1841k
Sick and Tired, 3187k
Sunday Circus Song, 4614k
Nina Persson & Nathan Larson - The Bluest Eyes in Texas, 3572k
Burning Down The House, 3396k
War, 4644k
Blah Blah Blah, 4238k
Nina Persson & Nathan Larson - The Bluest Eyes in Texas, 3572k
Burning Down The House, 3396k
Lovefool, 3104k
Carnival, 3425k
Country Hell, 3919k
Erase-Rewind, 5072k
pikebubbles, 2849k
ten things i hate about you so, 400k
Ten Things I Hate About You -, 3718k
Cars, The
00Double Life, 3980k
00got a lot on my head, 2843k
00dangerous type, 4182k
02Since I Held You, 3834k
05Shoo Be Doo, 1536k
07Night Spots, 3030k
08You Can't Hold On Too Long, 2601k
09Lust for Kicks, 3636k
Greatest Hits
00Since You're Gone, 4220k
05Touch And Go, 5774k
10Lets Go, 4178k
Heartbeat City
00Stranger Eyes, 5170k
00Why Can't I Have You, 4760k
01Hello Again, 4432k
01Heartbeat City, 5270k
00Don't Tell Me No, 4699k
00Gimme Some Slack, 4132k
01You May Think I'm Crazy, 2901k
The Cars
00Just What I Needed, 3486k
00Just What I Needed, 3486k
00I'm In Touch With Your World, 3296k
00Don't Cha Stop, 2867k
00You're All I've Got Tonight, 4899k
00Bye Bye Love, 4895k
01Good Times Roll, 2640k
01My Best Friend's Girl, 4363k
You're All I Got tonight, 4010k
Moving In Stereo, 4328k
just what i need, 3508k
Good Times Roll, 3499k
Let The Good Times Roll, 3492k
The Cars, 3479k
The Cars, 4328k
emotion in motion, 4340k
here she comes, 3446k
You Are The Girl, 4555k
Door to Door, 4159k
Door To Door, 5712k
Summer, 3698k
Candy-O, 2410k
Candy-O, 2534k
All Mixed Up, 3969k
The Cars, 4336k
The Cars Greatest Hits, 1406k
Looking For Love, 3606k
It's Magic, 3236k
Magic, 3699k
Drive, 3665k
Drive, 3675k
Drive, 3675k
You Might Think I'm Crazy, 2899k
wasting all my time, 3485k
Just What I Needed, 3540k
Good Times Roll (Live, 1978), 5184k
Tonight She Comes, 3652k
Shake It Up, 3349k
Shake It Up, 3922k
Shake It Up, 4647k
A Dream Away, 5318k
angel is a centerfold, 3369k
Here in my car, 3663k
My Best Friend's Girl, 4326k
i like the night life, 3328k
You Might Think, 2930k
Heartbeat City, 4464k
all i want is you, 2952k
Since Youre Gone, 3292k
Let's Go, 4206k
It's All I Can Do, 3510k
My Best Friends Girl, 3478k
The Cars, 3478k
Just What I Needed, 3490k
Creation, The
Making Time, 3420k
How does it feel to feel, 4282k
I am the walker, 3844k
The girls are naked, 2670k
Through my eyes, 4226k
Tom Tom, 3908k
Biff Bang Pow, 3272k
Can I join your band, 4273k
Cool Jerk, 3169k
For all that I am, 4078k
Life is just beginning, 4060k
Making time, 4004k
Midway down, 3608k
Nightmares, 4465k
Ostrich man, 4058k
Painter man, 3926k
Try and stop me, 3336k
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
Woodstock Two
00Guinnevere, 6250k
00Marrakesh Express, 2969k
00Woodstock Boogie, 16144k
204 + 20, 2793k
102 Southern Man, 8349k
Cult, The
Fire Woman, 4845k
Cure, The
05 in between days.mp3, 2782k
06 let's go to bed.mp3, 3349k
07 the walk.mp3, 3167k
08 push.mp3, 4078k
09 screw.mp3, 2328k
10 a forest.mp3, 7810k
11 sinking.mp3, 5235k
12 close to me.mp3, 3219k
13 charlotte sometimes.mp3, 3797k
Facination Street, 3048k
01 a night like this.mp3, 4476k
02 kyoto song.mp3, 4688k
03 the blood.mp3, 3703k
04 the hanging garden.mp3, 4344k
David Gilmour
01Track 01, 1756k
02Track 02, 2060k
03Track 03, 2748k
04Track 04, 2136k
05Track 05, 1846k
DavidGilmour-ComingBackToLife-Live2001.mp3, 5176k
comment.mp3, 222k
numb.mp3, 3538k
shineon.mp3, 4407k
wish.mp3, 3033k
Have You Got It Yet, 3960k
Have You Got It Yet, 897k
DavidGilmour-FatOldSun-Live2001.mp3, 3308k
DavidGilmour-Smile-Live2001.mp3, 3936k
SydBarrett-BobDylanBlues.mp3, 3043k
Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode - A Question of Time (Maxi) 01 A Question of Time (Remix).mp3, 5760k
Depeche Mode - Love In Itself 04 Fools (Bigger).mp3, 10768k
Depeche Mode - Love in Itself LCD 02 Just can't get enought (Live).mp3, 7877k
Dire Straits
00Jack the ripper, 2365k
00Bulletproof, 1606k
00Cancio“n Del Mariachi, 1976k
00Forever Night Shade Mary, 2827k
00White Train, 5593k
Love Over Gold
00Telegraph Road, 16700k
00Private Investigations, 7781k
00Industrial Disease, 6855k
00Love Over Gold, 7376k
Your latest trick (live), 7996k
Local Hero - Wild Theme (Live), 5153k
Making Movies, 5888k
Millionaire Blues, 4755k
Portobello belle (live), 4280k
Romeo and Juliet, 5562k
dire straits - romeo and juliet (live).mp3, 4905k
dire straits - Money for Nothing (first trance remix by Mister Bazz).mp3, 5244k
Dire Straits - Six Blade Knife, 3555k
Dire Straits - So far away, 5625k
Stairway To Heaven, 7524k
dire straits - Storybook Love.mp3, 4114k
Sultans of Swing (live), 6241k
Sultans of Swing (Live), 10276k
Very Best of Dire Straits, 73618k
Beverly Hillbillies, 3056k
AudioTrack 02, 3578k
dire straits - A night in summer long ago.mp3, 4424k
Alchemy, 3065k
Money For Nothing (Complete CD), 13124k
dire straits - Girl You Really Got Me.mp3, 2477k
Local Hero / Wild Theme (Live), 6188k
My Party, 5203k
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (live).mp3, 8231k
Dire Straits - Love Over Gold(live).mp3, 2742k
Private Investigations (live), 7097k
Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing (Live).mp3, 3049k
Sultans Of Swing, 5397k
Love Over Gold (Live), 2588k
Tunnel Of Love, 7618k
Local Hero/Wild Theme (Live), 5332k
Love Over Gold (Live), 3449k
dire straits - money for nothing (live).mp3, 7117k
dire straits - on every street (live).mp3, 6578k
dire straits - once upon a time in the west (live).mp3, 12161k
dire straits - private investigations (live).mp3, 7080k
dire straits - roller girl.mp3, 8832k
Romeo and Juliet, 7754k
Romeo And Juilet, 5571k
dire straits - romeo and juliet (mandela live, eric clapton).mp3, 10960k
dire straits - brothers in arms (live).mp3, 8363k
dire straits - calling elvis (live).mp3, 8523k
dire straits - heavy fuel (live).mp3, 5051k
Dire Straits - Southbound Again.mp3, 2751k
dire straits - Eastbound train.mp3, 3147k
dire straits - Wonderful Tonight (Mandela Live, Eric Clapton).mp3, 5528k
A Love Idea, 2941k
dire straits - walk of life (live).mp3, 4123k
dire straits - awesome instrumental.mp3, 5140k
Walk Of Live, 3943k
Going Home (live), 5673k
If I Had You, 4014k
Your Own Sweet Way, 3700k
Irish Boy, 2774k
Last exit to brooklyn, 3302k
Dire Straits - Walk Of Life (Live).mp3, 4123k
Dire Straits - 1. Love Over Gold - Telegraph Road.mp3, 15631k
dire straits - so far away LIVE in Sydney 86 INCREDIBLE ACOUSTIC VERSION.mp3, 6807k
solid rock(live), 5623k
Sultans Of Swing, 10677k
Sultans of Swing (LIVE), 10282k
Telegraph Road (Live Remix), 4844k
Track 11, 3834k
dire straits - skate away.mp3, 8878k
So Far Away From Me, 4875k
dire straits - telegraph road (live).mp3, 11108k
dire straits - tunnel of love (live).mp3, 13575k
dire straits - twisting by the pool (remix).mp3, 3295k
dire straits - walk on life.mp3, 3944k
What's the matter baby, 3138k
Where Do You Think You're Going?, 3593k
Local Hero - Wild Theme (live), 8115k
Various Artists - Season of th, 4644k
Hurdy Gurdy Man, 3082k
There Is A Mountain, 3554k
Three kingfishers, 3087k
Doors, The
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 05 To Come Of Age.mp3, 1443k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 06 Black Polished Chrome.mp3, 1590k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 07 Latino Chrome.mp3, 3153k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 08 Angels & Sailors.mp3, 3909k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 09 Stoned Immaculate.mp3, 2187k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 10 The Movie.mp3, 2247k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 11 Curses, Invocations.mp3, 2760k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 12 American Night.mp3, 664k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 13 Roadhouse Blues.mp3, 8273k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 14 The World On Fire.mp3, 1567k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 01 Awake.mp3, 837k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 02 Ghost Song.mp3, 3999k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 03 Dawn's Highway.mp3, 1920k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 04 Newborn Awakening.mp3, 3424k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 21 Babylon Fading (CD Bonus Track).mp3, 2346k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 22 Bird Of Prey (CD Bonus Track).mp3, 1491k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 23 The Ghost Song (CD Bonus Track).mp3, 7399k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 15 Lament.mp3, 3250k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 16 The Hitchhiker.mp3, 2354k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 17 An American Prayer.mp3, 4324k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 18 Hour For Magic.mp3, 1826k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 19 Freedom Exists.mp3, 480k
Jim Morrison & The Doors - American Prayer - 20 A Feast Of Friends.mp3, 3061k
Edie Brickell
Ghost of a Dog
00He Said, 5186k
00Ghost Of A Dog, 2351k
00Ghost Of A Dog, 1220k
00Ghost Of A Dog, 4572k
00Ghost Of A Dog, 746k
00Ghost Of A Dog, 1152k
01Mama Help Me, 3810k
01Me By The Sea, 2880k
01Circle, 4538k
01Me By The Sea, 2895k
02Black & Blue, 4612k
03Carmelito, 3060k
04He Said, 6528k
05Times Like This, 2758k
0610,000 Angels, 5742k
07Ghost of a Dog, 1843k
08Strings of Love, 3960k
09Woyaho, 2428k
09Woyaho, 3072k
11Stwisted, 4844k
12This Eye, 3080k
13Forgiven, 5228k
Picture Perfect Morning
00Green, 3142k
00In The Bath, 2554k
00Olivia, 3488k
01Tomorrow Comes, 3696k
02Green, 3142k
03When the Lights Go Down, 3567k
04Good Times, 2964k
04Good Times, 2960k
05Another Woman's Dream, 2582k
06Stay Awhile, 4302k
06Stay Awhile, 6452k
07Hard Times, 3490k
08Olivia, 3490k
09In The Bath, 3196k
10Picture Perfect Morning, 3140k
10Picture Perfect Morning, 4708k
11Lost In The Moment, 5686k
11Lost In The Moment, 5686k
Shooting the Stars
01What I Am, 4658k
02Little Miss S, 2278k
05Love Like We Do, 3662k
06Circle, 3777k
07Hard Times, 3467k
08She, 608k
11Keep Coming Back, 3166k
Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
03Air of December, 5620k
07Beat the Time, 2790k
08She, 4826k
09Nothing, 4554k
10Now, 5704k
12I Do, 1890k
Circle, 3000k
Circle of Friends, 3012k
Goodtimes, 2948k
A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall, 4680k
Little Miss S., 3430k
Nothing, 4538k
What I Am, 4656k
The Wheel, 3630k
What I Am, 4655k
A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall, 4668k
Eric Clapton
08 Driftin' Blues, 10500k
Fairport Convention
Lay Down Your Weary Tune, 3408k
Wizard Of The Worldly Game, 3902k
Fiona Apple
00The Child Is Gone, 4037k
00Carrion, 5400k
01Sleep To Dream, 3907k
07Never Is a Promise, 5541k
09Pale September, 5486k
When The Pawn Hits
00I Know, 6921k
00Get Gone, 5865k
00Get Gone, 5865k
10I Know, 6921k
Fiona Apple - 09 - Tidal - Pale Septembe.mp3, 8225k
Fiona Apple - Kissing My Love.mp3, 1872k
Fiona Apple - Never Is #1D9.mp3, 5522k
Fiona Apple - Nothing's Gonna Change the World.mp3, 4807k
Fiona Apple - Pale Sept#F36.mp3, 5465k
Fiona Apple - Sitting In Limbo.mp3, 5110k
Fiona Apple - Sleep To #623.mp3, 3867k
Fiona Apple - Slow Like#736.mp3, 5552k
Fiona Apple - The First#D63.mp3, 4470k
Shadow Boxer, 5066k
9.Fiona Apple - 09 - Tidal - Pale Septembe.mp3, 8225k
Fiona Apple- Tidal- 01- Sleep To A Dream.mp3, 3897k
Track 3, 3270k
Track 5, 3418k
Track 6, 4628k
On the Bound, 7586k
When the Pawn - 01 - On Board, 7586k
Across The Universe (Import Bo, 7156k
Fiona Apple - When the Pawn Hits .mp3, 7584k
Fiona Apple - Tidal - 05 - Slow Honey.mp3, 6984k
Fiona Apple - Tidal - 07 - Never.mp3, 6924k
Fiona Apple - Tidal - 08 - .1.mp3, 5961k
Fiona Apple - Tidal - 10 - .mp3, 5364k
fiona apple - tidal - 01 - sleep to a dream.1.mp3, 3897k
fiona apple - tidal - 01 - sleep to a dream.2.mp3, 3897k
Sleep to Dream, 3897k
fiona apple - tidal - 01 - sleep to a dream.4.mp3, 3897k
fiona apple - tidal - 01 - sleep to a dream.mp3, 3897k
fiona apple - when the pawn - get going.mp3, 3917k
Pale S.mp3, 5483k
Fiona Apple [When the Pawn] - Track 3.mp3, 3299k
Fiona Apple [When the Pawn] - Track 6.1.mp3, 4657k
Fiona Apple [When the Pawn] - Track 6.mp3, 4657k
fiona apple - Courage Is a Promise.mp3, 5540k
Flaming Lips, The
She Don't Use Jelly, 3012k
Flock of Seaguls
Flock of Seagulls - I Ran.mp3, 3848k
What Am I Supposed To Do, 4089k
08-A Flock of Seagulls - Wishi, 5221k
I Ran, 6020k
Space Age Love Song, 3567k
gandalf - The Wizard.mp3, 5793k
Special, 3716k
06MyLoversBox.mp3, 3628k
Hammering In My Head, 4768k
08Medication.mp3, 3862k
09StupidGirl.mp3, 4015k
The World Is Not Enough, 5522k
Grateful Dead, The
Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower (LIVE).mp3, 2634k
Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan - Highway 61 (Live).mp3, 4576k
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, 5209k
Greatful Dead - Sugar Magnolia.mp3, 7264k
Guess Who, The
These Eyes - The Guess Who, 5342k
Hitchhikers Guide
hitchhiker part07.mp3, 12103k
hitchhiker part08.mp3, 12058k
hitchhiker part09.mp3, 12160k
hitchhiker part10.mp3, 12039k
hitchhiker part11.mp3, 12082k
hitchhiker part12.mp3, 11379k
hitchhiker part01.mp3, 11624k
hitchhiker part02.mp3, 11528k
hitchhiker part03.mp3, 11271k
hitchhiker part04.mp3, 11905k
hitchhiker part05.mp3, 11999k
hitchhiker part06.mp3, 12472k
Hollies, The
Single (A Side)
00(Ain't That) Just Like Me, 2932k
00After The Fox, 1604k
00Bus Stop, 4035k
00Carrie Anne, 4059k
00Daddy Don't Mind, 4969k
00Gasoline Allley Bred, 5464k
00He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, 5939k
00Heartbeat, 4691k
00Here I Go Again, 3233k
00Hey Willie, 4848k
00I Can't Let Go, 3373k
00I'm Alive, 3381k
00I'm Down, 5864k
00Jennifer Eccles, 3802k
00Just One Look, 3419k
00King Midas In Reverse, 4233k
00Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress, 4547k
00Look Through Any Window, 3198k
00On A Carousel, 4455k
00Sandy (4th of July, Asbury Park), 5688k
00Searchin', 3326k
00Stay, 3076k
00Stop! Stop! Stop!, 3918k
00The Air That I Breathe, 5670k
Single (B Side)
00Carrie, 5530k
00Do The Best You Can, 1847k
00Everything Is Sunshine, 2628k
Pay You Back With Interest, 3718k
Dear Eloise, 4310k
Don't Let Me Down, 5934k
Eleanors Castle, 3715k
on a carousel, 4479k
Here In My Dreams, 6813k
Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dr, 3882k
Give Me Time, 4294k
wowie.mp3, 1713k
Janis Joplin
Oh, Sweet Mary, 5006k
Jefferson Airplane
Winterland 10-25-69
00ja69-10-25d1t02.mp3, 5493k
00ja69-10-25d1t03.mp3, 9400k
00ja69-10-25d1t04.mp3, 4237k
00ja69-10-25d1t05.mp3, 7876k
00ja69-10-25d1t06.mp3, 8678k
00ja69-10-25d1t07.mp3, 14663k
00ja69-10-25d1t08.mp3, 6654k
00ja69-10-25d1t09.mp3, 6846k
Eskimo Blue Day, 7472k
Jefferson Airplane Loves You - Let Me In.mp3, 3278k
Jefferson Airplane Loves You - Let's Get Together.mp3, 1688k
Tobacco Road, 3721k
Bringing Me Down, 2250k
Blues From An Airplane, 2604k
Chauffeur Blues, 2369k
It's No Secret, 3125k
AudioTrack 12, 9267k
Track 10, 2418k
Come Up The Years, 3603k
ja69-10-25d1t01.mp3, 6186k
Jethro Tull
20 Years of Jethro Tull (Disc 2) - Flawed gems and the other sides of Tull
01Lick Your Fingers Clean, 2604k
02The Chateau D' Isaster Tapes, 10498k
03Beltane, 4998k
04Crossword, 3372k
05Saturation, 4070k
06Jack-A-Lynn, 4372k
07Motoreyes, 3414k
08Blues Instumental, 4944k
09Rhythm in Gold, 2926k
10Part of the Machine, 6484k
11Mayhem, Maybe, 2892k
12Overhang, 4182k
13Kelpie, 3290k
14Living in These Hard Times, 2970k
15Under Wraps, 2106k
16Only Solitaire, 1406k
17Salamander, 2672k
18Moths, 3214k
19Nursie, 1474k
1,000 Miles Away
01Don't, 4455k
021,000 Miles Away, 3531k
03Interlude, 3677k
04Pieces of You, 3927k
05Enter from The East, 4704k
06Swedish Lullaby, 2436k
07Satellite, 5901k
08Sometimes It Be That Way, 5273k
09Who Will Save Your Soul, 4833k
10Little Sister, 3125k
11Last Dance, 7697k
12Near You Always, 4278k
13Foolish Games, 5777k
14Angel Standing By, 4033k
15You Were Meant for Me, 4441k
16Carnivore, 5199k
17Love Me just Leave Me Alone, 6388k
18Race Car Driver, 3993k
By The Dawn's Early Light
00Have A Little Faith in Me, 5214k
00Sunshine Superman, 5928k
00Under The Water, 5880k
00Quiet Warrior, 4871k
00V-12 Cadillac, 4079k
00You Make Loving Fun, 6081k
00You Were Meant for Me, 4503k
00Foolish Games, 4731k
00Cold Song, 1286k
00Rocker Girl, 2034k
00Angel Needs A Ride, 5043k
00Everything Breaks, 3909k
00Emily, 3842k
00Over The Rainbow, 3829k
00Star Spangled Banner, 2132k
wow, 4208k
wow, 3289k
wow, 3068k
wow, 2515k
wow, 3101k
wow, 4106k
wow, 5224k
wow, 2630k
wow, 3904k
wow, 4146k
Jewel - Leave Me Alone (live)2.mp3, 1244k
Love Me Just Leave Me Alone, 6123k
Jewel - Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone (Storytellers).mp3, 277k
Foolish Games, 2923k
Jewel - Save The Linoleum (Live) - 05 Flower.mp3, 3403k
wow, 2573k
wow, 3450k
wow, 4055k
wow, 1569k
wow, 2123k
wow, 3396k
Wish you were here, 3241k
wow, 3171k
202 life-s a big mystery show.mp3, 4760k
Jewel - VH1 Storytellers - 04 - Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone.mp3, 7130k
Jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul (acoustic live).mp3, 5424k
Jewel - Woodstock99 - Love Me Just Leave Me Alone.mp3, 6431k
jewel - you were meant for me (live).mp3, 3614k
[Jewel] - Sometimes It Be That Way {Bob Dylan Story} (Live).mp3, 4048k
jewel - Who Will Save Your Soul (Saturday-night Live).mp3, 4162k
Jimi Hendrix
10-12-68 San Francisco, CA
00Spanish Castle Magic, 14138k
00Voodoo Chile ->, 17426k
00Star Spangled Banner ->, 5024k
00Purple Haze, 14408k
PPX Studio Recordings Vol. 6
02Money, 6600k
03Nobody Loves Me, 6247k
04Love, 13939k
05You Got Me Running, 6417k
06Mr. Pitiful, 5149k
07Torture Me Honey, 10981k
08Sleepy Fate, 4725k
09Satisfaction, 8143k
hendrix10-12-68d2t07.mp3, 21818k
Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodsto, 5509k
track 26.mp3, 4329k
John Lee Hooker
01 - Dimples.mp3, 1601k
02 - I'm in the Mood.mp3, 1917k
03 - Boogie Chillun.mp3, 1824k
04 - Boom Boom.mp3, 1808k
05 - Blues Before Sunrise.mp3, 2725k
06 - Want Ad Blues.mp3, 1605k
13 - Whiskey and Wimmen.mp3, 1945k
14 - Wednesday Evening Blues.mp3, 2797k
07 - Crawling King Snake.mp3, 1902k
08 - Hobo Blues.mp3, 2051k
09 - Time is Marching.mp3, 2137k
10 - Tupelo.mp3, 2387k
11 - Little Wheel.mp3, 1796k
12 - Shake Holler and Run.mp3, 1820k
King Crimson
The Court of the Crimson King, 11036k
Led Zeppelin
Bringing Down The Playhouse
01Immigrant Song, 6408k
02Heartbreaker, 9824k
03Black Dog, 9940k
04Stairway To Heaven, 16518k
05Goin' To California, 7642k
06That's The Way I, 11200k
07What Is And What Should Never Be, 7960k
led zeppelin - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.mp3, 5992k
Leon Russell
[09]Willie Nelson And Leon Russell - Honky Tonk Women.mp3, 2480k
Willie Nelson & Leon Russell - Heartbreak Hotel.mp3, 2898k
Willie Nelson And Leon Russell-Honky Tonk Women.mp3, 1976k
Leon Russell - Lady Blue.mp3, 4949k
Track 5, 3858k
Jumpin Jack Flash - Youngblood, 11846k
Track 1, 7567k
Learn How To Boogie, 3217k
leon russell - sweet emily.mp3, 3151k
Jumpin Jack Flash - Youngblood, 11100k
Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows.mp3, 5169k
Beware of Darkness, 914k
I Put A Spell On You, 3949k
leon russell - Remember the Titans.mp3, 5660k
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 4908k
leon russell - goodnight irene.mp3, 6242k
Leonard Cohen
The Gypsy's Wife, 7790k
So Long, Marianne, 9034k
The Stranger Song, 8226k
The Guests, 8534k
Joan of Arc, 7868k
Famous Blue Raincoat, 7838k
Suzanne, 6342k
Who By Fire, 8522k
Men at Work
01-Men At Work - It's A Mistak, 4278k
Men at Work / Who Can It Be No, 3183k
Moby Grape
8;05, 2988k
Moody Blues, The
Boulevard De La Madelaine
01A Simple Game, 3858k
02Boulevard De La Madelaine, 2696k
03Cities, 2421k
04Everyday, 1658k
05Fly Me High, 2656k
06Gimme' A Little Somethin', 3250k
07He Can WIn, 2240k
08I Don't Want To Go On Without You, 2524k
09I Really Haven't Got The Time, 2913k
10King And Queen, 3732k
11Leave This Man Alone, 2736k
12Life's Not Life, 2400k
13Lose Your Money, 1825k
14This Is My House (But Nobody Calls), 2405k
In Search of the Lost Chord
01Departure, 868k
02Ride My See-Saw, 4278k
03Dr. Livingstone, I Presume, 3486k
05Legend of a Mind, 7741k
06House of Four Doors (Part 2), 2150k
07Voices in the Sky, 4075k
08The Best Way to Travel, 3792k
09Visions of Paradise, 4985k
10The Actor, 5453k
11The Word, 956k
12OM, 6740k
Time Is On My Side (LP version), 2035k
In Search of the Lost Chord, 4614k
Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed - 01 The Day Begins.mp3, 8224k
Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed - 02 Dawn - Dawn Is A Feeling.mp3, 5363k
Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed - 03 The Morning - Another Morning.mp3, 5542k
Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed - 04 Lunch Break - Peak Hour.mp3, 7719k
Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed - 05 The Afternoon - Forever Afternoon - Time To Get Away.mp3, 11803k
Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed - 06 Evening - The Sun Set - Twilight Time.mp3, 9385k
Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed - 07 The Night - Nights In White Satin.mp3, 10430k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 2600k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 3187k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 4099k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 1131k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 1956k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 4660k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 2981k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 3011k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 4614k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 2730k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 3406k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 3549k
On the Threshold of a Dream, 5534k
Go Now, 3013k
Moody Blues - Timothy Leary.mp3, 6148k
Neal Young
12. Track 12, 6600k
01. Track 01, 5529k
02. Track 02, 6807k
03. Track 03, 2620k
04. Track 04, 19498k
05. Track 05, 7858k
06. Track 06, 4059k
07. Track 07, 9797k
08. Track 08, 18593k
09. Track 09, 7950k
06. Track 06, 4065k
07. Track 07, 5443k
08. Track 08, 11770k
09. Track 09, 5799k
10. Track 10, 8301k
11. Track 11, 7390k
01. Track 01, 6451k
02. Track 02, 8410k
03. Track 03, 5586k
04. Track 04, 6291k
05. Track 05, 7742k
Don't bogart me - Fraternity o, 3674k
Reflections Of My Life, 4947k
Pop Muzic, 3811k
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, 4785k
Eyes Without A Face, 5749k
Love Shack, 5054k
’žThe Way That You Love Me, 6314k
Because the Night (Mtv Unplugg, 4363k
06-Psychedelic Furs - The Ghos, 4009k
Here Comes The Rain Again, 5942k
Union Of The Snake, 5079k
Human, 4257k
Little Lies, 4258k
I Heard A Rumour, 4035k
She Drives Me Crazy, 4225k
Paul Revere And The Raiders
Kicks, 2297k
Pink Floyd
A Tree Full Of Secrets - Disc
01Animals Radio Advert, 1812k
02Pigs On The Wing - Parts 1 & 2, 6305k
03Pings (Three Different Ones) -, 7676k
04The Wall - Loop Message, 137k
05Another Brick In The Wall Part, 5945k
06Another Brick In The Wall Part, 7108k
07Empty Spaces - Backwards Messa, 605k
08Young Lust - Single Version, 7394k
09One Of My Turns - Single Versi, 6845k
10Comfortably Numb - Demo, 4831k
11Comfortably Numb - Edit, 7435k
12Run Like Hell - Single Version, 6905k
13Run Like Hell - Promo Mix, 8825k
14Money - 1981 Version, 12534k
15Money - 1981 Edit, 10411k
17Bring The Boys Back Home - Sin, 3147k
18The Final Cut Radio Advert, 2045k
19Not Now John - Obscured Versio, 8247k
20Not Now John - Promo Edit, 7079k
21The Hero's Return - Parts 1 &, 7328k
Ice Palace - Tampa FL
10Track 1, 8420k
10Track 2, 12374k
10Track 3, 9698k
10Track 4, 4876k
10Track 5, 2273k
Untitled - New CD (10)
01Track 1, 2220k
02Track 2, 4351k
03Track 3, 7598k
03 Echoes.mp3, 48300k
01 - Terrapin, 2950k
Echoes, 32222k
Interstellar Overdrive, 15828k
David Gilmour - Murder (Live).MP3, 1342k
David Gilmour - There's No Way Out Of Here (Live 2).MP3, 1561k
DAVID GILMOUR & B.B. KING- Instrumental (live).mp3, 2184k
00Dummy, 4053k
00Dummy, 4764k
00Glorybox, 4767k
00About You, 7875k
00Enough Love, 7746k
00Insensible, 9066k
00Kissing The Day, 7164k
00Pearl, 4909k
00This Life, 4041k
00This Time Last Year, 6453k
00All Mine, 2506k
00Cowboys, 2638k
00Elysium, 3662k
00Half Day Closing, 3544k
00Humming, 4301k
00Mourning Air, 2161k
00Only You, 3011k
00Over, 2628k
00Seven Months, 2368k
00Undenied, 2629k
00Western Eyes, 2239k
roseland nyc live
00Glory Box, 6579k
00Mysterons, 6675k
00Over, 4934k
00Roads (Live), 6821k
portishead - coffehouse conversation plaid mix .mp3, 4660k
Waiting for the night (DM), 4004k
portishead - earth linger.mp3, 3493k
Leave me(f. Natalie Imbruglia), 4094k
portishead - Baby Sitar.mp3, 2910k
Dummy, 4784k
Dummy, 3968k
Dummy, 3718k
Dummy, 4593k
portishead - midskipper.mp3, 5238k
Moloko - Fun For Me, 3563k
Mourning Air (War Child), 4418k
Nobody's Fault But My Own, 1111k
portishead - numb-retry.mp3, 3553k
portishead - pedestal live .mp3, 3739k
portishead - reaching out live .mp3, 3946k
justify my love, 4696k
portishead - karmacoma.mp3, 3704k
portishead - like someone in love.mp3, 932k
portishead - live interlude.mp3, 2033k
portishead - lot more.mp3, 4103k
portishead - Acid Jazz and Trip Hop Remix .mp3, 4096k
portishead - Coffeehouse Conversation Plaid Mix .mp3, 4990k
portishead - Dummy Remix .mp3, 3224k
Give Me a Reason (Mellowrock U, 4669k
Great Expectations -Life In Mo, 3584k
portishead - Instrumental III.mp3, 3223k
Life In Mono, 3529k
Intro.mp3, 6077k
portishead - Nobody Loves me Massive Attack mix .mp3, 3922k
portishead - Nowhere to Run Gravediggaz remix .mp3, 4759k
portishead - sonar blow job.mp3, 2441k
portishead - sour times live .mp3, 4984k
portishead - the multimedia dj live .mp3, 7562k
portishead - the time has come.mp3, 3976k
portishead - the time has come u.n.k.l.e. remix .mp3, 4095k
portishead - theme from to kill a dead man.mp3, 4173k
Dummy, 3582k
Dummy, 3718k
Dummy, 4768k
portishead - tribute to monk and canatella.mp3, 4816k
Dummy, 3453k
(portishead) (trip-hop reconst, 4045k
Dummy, 4751k
portishead - scorn.mp3, 5734k
portishead - revenge of the number.mp3, 3150k
portishead - revenge of the number numb remix .mp3, 2716k
portishead - revengeofthe number.mp3, 3167k
portishead - seven month.mp3, 4034k
Time Has Come (U.N.K.L.E. mix), 5184k
portishead - Trip-Hop Reconstruction.mp3, 2140k
portishead - Trippin bass line...mp3, 4126k
portishead - Wild wood remix by Paul Weller .mp3, 6535k
portishead - a tribute to monk canatella.mp3, 7694k
portishead - airbus reconstruction.mp3, 4822k
portishead - airbus reconstruction live .mp3, 4822k
portishead - aquarius.mp3, 1876k
waterbaby (by sneaker pimps), 3936k
portishead - wandering star (live).mp3, 4554k
porishead - Portishead Roseland NYC live Glory Box.mp3, 5268k
portishead - Only you French version .mp3, 1822k
Portishead- Rare Tracks- Inter, 2322k
portishead - Roadtrip mix by dj andy smith .mp3, 13468k
Dummy (remix by Geoff Barrow), 7960k
portishead - Tank Girl.mp3, 1024k
portishead - The Sabres Of Paradise Planet D Portishead Remix .mp3, 4458k
Blow Out (feat radiohead), 3176k
Waiting For The Night, 10650k
portishead - waterbaby.mp3, 2698k
Wild Wood, 3219k
Wild Wood (with Paul Weller), 3262k
portishead - Only You (Saturday Night Live).mp3, 4022k
Everything I'v Done Turns to S, 3177k
portishead - give up but don't, 5449k
portishead - glory box mudflop mix .mp3, 5146k
Hell Is Around the Corner, 3070k
Portishead - Glory Box (live).mp3, 4737k
Humming, 6151k
All mine, 4738k
portishead - if you find the earth boring.mp3, 4097k
portishead - if you find the earth boring unkle mix .mp3, 2920k
portishead - interlude.mp3, 2033k
portishead - interlude live 1 .mp3, 2033k
Coffehouse Conversation (Plaid, 4991k
Pretty Things, The
Get A Buzz - The Best of the F
00I Can Never Say, 2368k
00Road Runner, 2947k
01Honey I Need, 1894k
01Rosalyn, 2230k
01Rosalyn, 2230k
01Judgement Day, 2612k
08Big City, 1432k
On Air (64-74)
02Hey Mamma, 2783k
03Midnight to Six Man, 2855k
07Defecting Grey, 3780k
13Summertime, 5085k
Trust, 6652k
Walking Through My Dreams, 3397k
Baron Saturday, 5649k
Buzz the Jerk, 1798k
Come See Me, 2516k
Dont Bring Me Down, 2048k
House Of Ten, 2723k
She's Fine She's Mine, 4126k
The Sun, 2907k
Death, 4493k
The Prtty Things - Don't Bring Me Down, 2600k
Passion Of Love, 3946k
She Says Good Morning, 4942k
Talkin' About The Good Times, 5303k
LSD, 2281k
Parachute, 4508k
Rain, 2986k
Purple Gang, The
The purple gang - 1967.mp3, 2442k
Granny Takes A Trip, 2522k
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Marin County Cowboys Disc 1
01Avalon Ballroom Radio Spot, 1306k
02Stand By Me, 9392k
03Babe Im Gonna Leave You, 11066k
04Pride of Man, 9194k
06Codeine, 12653k
Quicksilver-1 1 Pride of Man.mp3, 3876k
Quicksilver-1 2 Light Your Windows.mp3, 2477k
Quicksilver-1 3 Dino's Song.mp3, 2945k
Quicksilver-1 4 Gold and Silver.mp3, 6305k
Quicksilver-1 5 Too Long.mp3, 2830k
Quicksilver-1 6 The Fool.mp3, 11357k
Fresh Air.mp3, 3329k
Fables of the Reconstruction
00can't get there from here, 2816k
00driver 8, 3197k
00feeling gravitys pull, 4532k
00green grow the rushes, 3522k
00kohoutek, 3087k
02Maps and Legends, 2297k
05Old Man Kensey, 2994k
00catapult, 3683k
00moral kiosk, 3311k
00pilgrimage, 4224k
00shaking through, 4225k
00sitting still, 3100k
00we walk, 2836k
00West of the fields, 3098k
03Laughing, 3776k
00chinese brothers, 4048k
00pretty persuasion, 3639k
06Second Guessing, 2752k
Perfect Circle, 3256k
Life And How To Live It, 3824k
Monster, 5634k
Monster, 6534k
Monster, 5189k
Monster, 4883k
Monster, 4423k
Monster, 5470k
Monster, 5939k
Monster, 7758k
Monster, 5697k
Monster, 4879k
9-9, 3616k
Good Advices, 4937k
Harborcoat, 3631k
It's The End Of The World, 3357k
Letter Never Sent, 2969k
10 - Little America, 3388k
losing my religion (acoustic), 3809k
RadioFreeEurope(Live), 4392k
radio free europe, 3596k
Monster, 5994k
Monster, 6893k
Perfect Circle (live acoustic), 8003k
Camera, 6416k
Can't Get There From Here, 3429k
don't go back to rockville, 4235k
Perfect Circle, 3216k
Talk About The Passion, 2380k
Shiny Happy People, 3535k
Time After Time, 7837k
Wendell Gee, 2831k
B-Sides 1997 - The Complete Computer
01Polyethylene Part 1&2, 5120k
02Pearly, 4198k
03A Reminder, 4549k
04Melatonin, 2523k
05Meeting in the Aisle, 3689k
06Lull, 2918k
07Climbing Up Walls (Zero 7 Mix), 6243k
08Climbing Up Walls(Fila Brazillia Mix), 7503k
09Palo Alto, 4432k
10How I Made My Millions, 3695k
11Airbag (Live Florence 97), 5662k
12Lucky (Live Berlin 97), 5399k
13Wish You Were Here (Feat. Sparklehorse + Tom Vorke), 8172k
14Talk Show Host, 4998k
15Airbag, 5306k
16No Surprises, 4505k
17Climbing Up Walls, 5106k
I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings
01The National Anthem, 6976k
02I Might Be Wrong, 6850k
03Morning Bell, 5956k
04Like Spinning Plates, 5334k
05Idioteque, 6210k
06Everything In Its Right Place, 10633k
07Dollars And Cents, 7338k
08True Love Waits, 7100k
Kid A
0007 - In Limbo, 4979k
00Idioteque, 7209k
00Morning Bell, 4334k
01Everything In Its Right Place, 5907k
02Kid A, 6727k
03The National Anthem, 8213k
04How To Disappear Completely, 8364k
05Treefingers, 5240k
06Optimistic, 7435k
Les Eurock Eennes
00Lucky, 5972k
00Bones, 4197k
00Airbag, 5443k
00My iron lung, 6032k
00Exit music (for a film), 5669k
00The bends, 4933k
00No surprises, 4432k
00Talkshow hosts, 5693k
00Paranoid android, 7552k
00Street spirit (fade out), 3845k
00Creep, 5419k
00Just, 4719k
Live at the 10 spot, Dec. 19
00Exit Music (live), 4212k
00My Iron Lung (live), 4861k
00No Surprises (live), 3770k
00Street Spirit (live), 4754k
OK Computer
00Let Down, 4664k
00electioneering, 3603k
01Airbag, 4417k
02Paranoid Android, 5946k
03Subterranean Homesick Alien, 4182k
04Exit Music, 4096k
06Kharma Police, 6132k
07fitter happier, 1833k
09Climbing, 4457k
10No Surprises, 3569k
11Lucky, 4058k
12The Tourist, 5073k
Pablo Honey
00I Can't, 3959k
00Pop is Dead, 2013k
00Lurgee, 3664k
00Ripcord, 2961k
00Vegetable, 4514k
00You, 3260k
00Blow Out, 4359k
00Blow Out, 4412k
00Creep, 3699k
00How Do You Do?, 2581k
00Lurgee, 2199k
00Creep, 3246k
00Ripcord, 2960k
00Stop Whispering, 5075k
0005 Thinking About You, 2528k
00anyone can play guitar, 5041k
00Ripcord, 2961k
00Vegetable, 3009k
01You, 3236k
01Creep, 3699k
02Creep (Acoustic), 4032k
03How Do You?, 3052k
03How Do You?, 2060k
04Stop Whispering, 5076k
05Thinking About You, 2527k
06Anyone Can Play Guitar, 6136k
08Vegetable, 4571k
09Prove Yourself, 2934k
09Prove Yourself, 2272k
10I Can't, 3957k
10I Can't, 3948k
11Lurgee, 2923k
Santa Barbara, CA 6~30~01
101The National Anthem, 7851k
102Airbag, 7205k
201Idioteque, 6024k
The Bends
01Planet Telex, 5719k
02The Bends, 5294k
03High and Dry, 5639k
04Fake Plastic Trees, 6064k
05Bones, 4129k
06(Nice Dream), 5022k
07Just, 5255k
08My Iron Lung, 5997k
09Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was, 4387k
10Black Start, 5364k
11Sulk, 4997k
12Street Spirit (Fade Out}, 5356k
01Track 01, 3884k
02Track 02, 3696k
03Track 03, 3444k
04Track 04, 3904k
05Track 05, 2976k
06Track 06, 4858k
07Track 07, 2080k
08Track 08, 3142k
09Track 09, 3986k
10Track 10, 5414k
let down (live), 4871k
nice dream (live), 3658k
No Surprises (live, alt. lyric, 2473k
nobody does it better (live), 3352k
Paranoid Android (live Amnesty, 6493k
Stop Whispering (Live Acoustic, 3465k
high and dry (live), 3960k
Idioteque (live), 4092k
Just (live), 3107k
karma police (live), 3918k
The Bends, 4832k
True Love Waits (Live), 4337k
wish you were here (cover), 6510k
pyramid song, 4517k
My Iron Lung, 7112k
Track 01, 7627k
Track 02, 6147k
Track 03, 6739k
Track 04, 6952k
Track 05, 6533k
Track 06, 4239k
Track 07, 6825k
Track 08, 4871k
Track 09, 5364k
Track 10, 7101k
Track 01, 14547k
Track 02, 7366k
Track 03, 6961k
Track 04, 6373k
Track 05, 12950k
Track 06, 4231k
Track 07, 7418k
Track 08, 6423k
Track 11, 7144k
Track 12, 4144k
Track 13, 5954k
Track 14, 7181k
Track 15, 9075k
Track 16, 5962k
Kid A, 4069k
Packt Like Sardines In Crushed Tin Box, 7475k
Atlanta, 9175k
Amnesiac/Morning Bell, 4558k
Reckoner (Live at The Gorge 6-, 4800k
Reckoner (Live at The Gorge 6-, 4800k
blowout (live and unplugged wi, 3175k
Rolling Stones, The
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 01 Ruby Tuesday.mp3, 4732k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 12 Sittin' On A Fence.mp3, 4287k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 02 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow.mp3, 3711k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 03 Let's Spend The Night Together.mp3, 5265k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 04 Lady Jane.mp3, 4499k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 05 Out Of Time.mp3, 5304k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 06 My Girl.mp3, 3806k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 07 Back Street Girl.mp3, 4900k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 08 Please Go Home.mp3, 4672k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 09 Mother's Little Helper.mp3, 3971k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 10 Take It Or Leave It.mp3, 3999k
Rolling Stones - Flowers - 11 Ride On, Baby.mp3, 4171k
Roy Orbison
Pretty Woman, 2784k
Rush - Rush - 08 - Working Man.mp3, 6733k
1-13 - Xanadu.mp3, 8048k
Rushmore -- 02 - Creation - Making Time.mp3, 1791k
Small Faces, The
no title
01AudioTrack 01, 1862k
02AudioTrack 02, 2708k
03AudioTrack 03, 2727k
04AudioTrack 04, 2147k
05AudioTrack 05, 2876k
06AudioTrack 06, 1921k
09AudioTrack 09, 2856k
10AudioTrack 10, 2664k
11AudioTrack 11, 3173k
12AudioTrack 12, 2949k
Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
01Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, 3492k
02Afterglow, 4960k
03Long Agos & Worlds Apart, 3617k
04Rene, 6372k
05Song Of A Baker, 4644k
06Lazy Sunday, 4368k
07Happiness Stan, 3679k
08Rollin' Over, 3979k
09The Hungry Intruder, 3158k
10The Journey, 5926k
11Mad John, 3911k
12Happydaystoytown, 6099k
13Tin Soldier (Live), 4898k
small faces - Cindy Incidentally.mp3, 2495k
1966, 3078k
1966, 2155k
1966, 2327k
1966, 3294k
1966, 2104k
1966, 4682k
1966, 2255k
1966, 3560k
1966, 3450k
1966, 3340k
All Or Nothing (Live), 6063k
1966, 3421k
1966, 5096k
1966, 2726k
1966, 4001k
1966, 2694k
1966, 2841k
1966, 3729k
Small Faces - Here Come The Nice.mp3, 2853k
Small Faces - Itchychoo Park.mp3, 2558k
small faces - Itchycoo Park (Stereo Version).mp3, 2672k
The Universal, 3106k
Smashing Pumpkins, The
00To Sheila, 4365k
00Perfect, 3169k
00Daphne Descends, 4334k
00Crestfallen, 3896k
00For Martha, 7779k
0202 Ava Adora, 4046k
Aeroplane Flies High Box Set CD5
01Tonight, Tonight, 6007k
02Meladori Magpie, 3854k
03Rotten Apples, 4321k
04Jupiter's Lament, 3572k
05Medellia Of The Gray Skies, 4483k
06Blank, 4115k
07Tonite Reprise, 3777k
Friends & Enemies of Modern Mu
00Vanity, 5637k
01Glass' Theme, 2550k
03Dross, 4844k
03Saturnine, 5475k
04Real Love, 5847k
05Go, 5255k
08Home, 6161k
11In My Body, 9430k
00Rhinoceros, 5569k
02Siva, 3056k
05crush, 2521k
10Daydream, 2207k
Machina II/Friends & Enemies of Modern Music - CD2
01Glass' Theme, 4471k
02Cash Car Star, 7747k
03Dross, 8062k
04Real Love, 10022k
05Go, 8878k
06Let Me Give The World to You, 9788k
07Innosense, 6001k
08Home, 10514k
09Blues Skies Bring Tears (heavy), 7738k
10White Spyder, 8507k
11In My Body, 16040k
12If There is a God (full band), 5027k
13Le Deux machina (synth), 4457k
14Here's to the Atom Bomb, 9064k
Machina; The Machines of God
00Stand Inside Your Love, 5886k
00The Imploding Voice, 6175k
00This Time, 6632k
01Raindrops and Sunshowers, 6681k
01The Everlasting Gaze, 5656k
01Try, Try, Try, 7213k
05The Sacred and Profane, 5937k
10Glass and the Ghost Childern, 13906k
11Wound, 5561k
13With Every Light, 5484k
15Age of Innocence, 5611k
Mellon Collie And The Infinite
001979, 4155k
00Beautiful, 5048k
00Muzzle, 3501k
00Take Me Down, 2692k
00Thirty-Three, 5867k
00Tonight, 3977k
00Where Boys Fear To Tread, 5577k
02Tonight, Tonight, 3980k
04In The Arms Of Sleep, 4929k
08An Ode to No One, 4547k
10We Only Come Out At Night, 4792k
Siamese Dream
0002 - Quiet, 3468k
00Rocket, 3856k
00Siamese Dream - 11 - Silverfuc, 8168k
00Siamese Dream - 07 - Soma, 6242k
0010 - Spaceboy, 4194k
01Cherub Rock, 4655k
Vredenburg Utrecht - 24 jan.
01The everlasting gaze, 7534k
0202 Age og innocents, 6937k
0303 Blue sky bring tears, 9711k
Glass' Theme, 1863k
Here's to the Atom Bomb, 3365k
Heavy Metal Machine (V1), 11112k
Track 5, 1673k
Le Deux Machina (Mike Garson Improv), 5419k
Money, 3985k
1979 (acoustic), 4160k
1979 (Moby Remix), 4798k
X.Y.U., 10011k
Bullet With Butterfly Wings, 3026k
Disarm, 3082k
cupid de locke, 2659k
Dancing In The Moonlight, 3980k
Disarm (Acoustic), 3140k
Drown, 7709k
Eye, 4009k
Farewell and Goodnight, 4109k
here is no why, 3515k
Hummer, 6510k
I Of The Mourning, 6464k
Siamese Dream - 09 - Mayonaise, 5451k
Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, 2690k
never let me down again, 3534k
Tear, 5525k
If There Is a God, 3004k
Landslide, 2180k
Love, 4088k
Siamese Dream - 13 - Luna, 3134k
Bullet With Butterfly Wings, 3501k
Quiet, 3468k
Slow Down, 4402k
Pug, 4493k
Shame, 6251k
blank page, 5824k
The Killer In Me, 3072k
The World is a Vampire, 4076k
Thirty-Three, 3920k
today (acoustic), 3173k
Today, 3124k
sunday bloody sunday (u2 cover, 2546k
Tales of a Scorched Earth, 4412k
The end is the Beginning is th, 4805k
SP (live), 2330k
Zero, 2201k
Blue Skies Bring Tears (Arising! Version), 5884k
Crestfallen, 10120k
Disco King, 5587k
Dross, 4821k
tonight tonight, 3984k
Untitled, 7632k
Once Upon a Time (Demo), 8434k
Real Love, 5861k
Unknown Instrumental, 2323k
XYU (10.31.98 Soundboard).mp3, 13311k
Some of Fogertys best blues efforts
CCR - Bayou Country - 03 - Graveyard Train.mp3, 8437k
CCR - Cosmo's Factory - 11 - Long As I Can See The Light.mp3, 3378k
CCR - Creedence Clearwater Revival - 01 - I Put A Spell On You.mp3, 4221k
Sinister Purpose, 3154k
CCR - Willy & the Poorboys - 1&2 - Poorboy Shuffle & Feelin' Blue.mp3, 6948k
A Hundred And Ten In The Shade, 4045k
Searchlight, 4238k
Change in the Weather, 6384k
Evil thing, 3500k
Workin' On A Building, 4356k
South Park
Mr. Hankey“s Christmas Classic
00Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, 2126k
00Merry F**king Christmas, 1938k
00O Holy Night, 1841k
00Dead, Dead, Dead, 2082k
00Carol of the Bells, 902k
00the Lonely Jew On Christmas, 2595k
00I Saw Three Ships, 968k
00It Happened In Sun Valley, 2210k
00O Tannenbaum, 1098k
10Christmas Time In Hell, 2114k
11What the Hell Child Is This?, 4191k
12Santa Claus On His Way, 450k
13Swiss Colony Beef Log, 2129k
14Hark the Herald Angels Sing, 635k
15Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, 3128k
16Most Offensive Xmas Song Ever, 2818k
17We Three Kings, 802k
18Have A Merry Little Christmas, 2348k
Fingerbang, 720k
The Pusher - Steppenwolf, 6886k
Stevie Ray Vaughan
00Little Wing - 3rd Stone, 5163k
00Testify, 5584k
00Rude Mood, 7469k
00Tell Me, 4979k
00Scuttle Buttin', 6970k
00So Excited, 6030k
00Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), 10865k
00Texas Flood, 14141k
00Love Struck Baby, 4398k
00Mary Had A Little Lamb, 4254k
00Tin Pan Alley, 11550k
00Little Wing, Third Stone From, 17758k
00Lenny, 8149k
Little Wing, 6352k
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing Bootleg .mp3, 4808k
It's Probably Me, 4687k
Tangerine Dream
01Is Your Love Strong Enough, 6201k
02Once Long Ago, 1312k
03Opening, 2930k
04Cottage, 3986k
05Unicorn Theme, 3885k
06Goblins, 3410k
07Apocalypse, 2024k
08Fairies, 3169k
09Forgiveness, 3348k
10The Fairy Weapons, 2474k
11Legend, 7799k
12Blue Room, 3384k
13The Dance, 2512k
14Darkness, 2859k
15The Kitchen, 6040k
16Loved By The Sun, 7184k
Fairfield Hall 1975 - Track 1, 23704k
Fairfield Hall 1975 - Track 2, 34770k
Fairfield Hall 1975 - Track 3, 12566k
Ten Years After
Bad Scene, 4116k
ten years after - i can't keep from crying, sometimes.mp3, 5088k
Adventures Of A Young Organ, 3055k
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Playback (Disc 6)
01Got My Mind Made Up, 2678k
02Ways To Be Wicked, 3235k
03Can't Get Her Out, 2991k
04Waiting For Tonight, 3283k
05Travelin', 3058k
06Baby, Let's Play House, 2393k
07Wooden Heart, 2031k
09You Get Me High, 2631k
10Come On Down To My House, 2904k
11You Come Through, 4936k
12Up In Mississippi Tonight, 3252k
Disc 2 - 12 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - American Girl.mp3, 4436k
Disc 2 - 13 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Goodnight.mp3, 2497k
Tom Petty - 08 - God's Gift To Man.mp3, 3691k
tom petty - Don't Come Around Here No More (So rare, it bleeds! Live).mp3, 8212k
tom petty - Everybody must get stoned.mp3, 5555k
tom petty - I was in love with a girl on LSD (live at the fillmore).mp3, 4256k
Licensed to Kill (Live), 5711k
tom petty - The Apartment Song (Rare Live Demo with Stevie Nicks).mp3, 2465k
Mr Tam...(live), 3909k
Breakdown (Live), 7226k
Won't Back Down (acoustic live, 4864k
tom petty and bob dylan - Breakdown (live).mp3, 4732k
Tom Petty & Bo Diddley - Mona (Live At The Filmore).mp3, 6838k
Tom Petty, George Harrison, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan - I Was So Much Older Then (Live).mp3, 4413k
stevie nicks - ABBY-Tom Petty (live).mp3, 2804k
stevie nicks and tom petty - Wild Thing (live).mp3, 4580k
TOM PETTY AT VH1 STORYTELLERS - I Won't Back Down (Live Intro).mp3, 699k
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Jammin' Me, 3152k
tom petty and the heartbreakers - I'm Tired Joey Boy (Live).mp3, 5223k
tom petty live - gloria.mp3, 12039k
tom petty live at the fillmore - Time Is On My Side.mp3, 3670k
My back pages, 4418k
Kings Highway (Live & Acoustic, 3288k
Boogie Chillin' (JL Hooker), 7764k
Tori Amos
Time, 5016k
Traveling Wilburys, The
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, 3207k
Turtles, The
Turtles-House of Pain.mp3, 3882k
Uriah Heep
uriah heep 01 easy livin'.mp3, 2451k
Circle of Hands, 8384k
The Wizard, 2799k
Velvet Underground, The
05 Velvet Underground - Ocean.mp3, 9751k
09 Velvet Underground - Andy's Chest.mp3, 5377k
Who, The
Odds & Sods
01I'm The Face, 3486k
02Leaving Here, 3142k
03Baby Don't You Do It, 3490k
04Summertime Blues (Studio Version), 4550k
05Under My Thumb, 3896k
06Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, 4772k
07My Way, 3486k
08Faith In Something Bigger, 4248k
09Glow Girl, 3436k
10Little Billy, 3230k
11Young Man Blues, 3868k
12Cousin Kevin Model Child, 2030k
13Love Ain't For Keeping, 5726k
14Time Is Passing, 4958k
15Pure And Easy, 7616k
16Too Much Of Anything, 6170k
17Long Live Rock, 5590k
18Put The Money Down, 6370k
19We Close Tonight, 4180k
20Postcard, 4990k
21Now I'm A Farmer, 5844k
22Water, 6570k
23Naked Eye, 7682k
Sell Out
01Armenia City In The Sky, 5349k
02Heinz Baked Beans, 1424k
03Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, 3494k
04Odorono, 3631k
05Tattoo, 4030k
06Our Love Was, 4773k
07I Can See For Miles, 6669k
08I Can't Reach You, 4318k
09Medac, 1353k
10Relax, 3799k
11Silas Stingy, 4397k
12Sunrise, 4369k
13Rael 1, 8091k
14Rael 2, 2086k
15Glittering Girl, 5616k
16Melancholia, 4752k
17Someone's Coming, 3775k
18Jaguar, 4273k
19Early Morning Cold Taxi, 4830k
20Hall Of The Mountain King, 6091k
21Girl's Eyes, 5421k
22Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand (Alternate Version), 4730k
23Glow Girl, 3883k
Amazing Journey / Sparks, 12440k
01 overture.mp3, 6668k
08 acid queen.mp3, 5037k
09 underture.mp3, 2528k
10 do you think it's alright.mp3, 610k
11 fiddle about.mp3, 1908k
12 pinball wizard.mp3, 5228k
13 there's a doctor.mp3, 577k
14 go to the mirror.mp3, 6401k
15 success.mp3, 243k
16 tommy, can you hear me.mp3, 1778k
17 smash the mirror.mp3, 2311k
02 it's a boy.mp3, 972k
03 1921.mp3, 4530k
04 amazing journey.mp3, 10960k
05 sparks.mp3, 2539k
06 christmas.mp3, 6626k
07 cousin kevin.mp3, 5673k
24 we're not gonna take it.mp3, 7130k
Magic Bus, 15155k
The Who-Pictures of Lily (mono).mp3, 1905k
18 sensation.mp3, 4012k
19 miracle cure.mp3, 260k
20 sally simpson.mp3, 6824k
21 i'm free.mp3, 3462k
22 tommy's holiday camp.mp3, 1348k
23 welcome.mp3, 4820k
Willie Nelson
willie nelson - With Leon Russel.mp3, 2316k
Youngbloods, The
Youngbloods-Get Together.mp3, 6542k
Zombies, The
Time of the Season, 4982k
She's Not There, 2223k
Tell Her No, 2929k
ZZ Top
01 (Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree.mp3, 3499k
08 Bedroom Thang.mp3, 5467k
09 Just Got Back from Baby's.mp3, 5968k
10 Backdoor Love Affair.mp3, 3839k
11 Francine.mp3, 4074k
12 Just Got Paid.mp3, 5363k
13 Mushmouth Shoutin'.mp3, 5277k
14 Ko Ko Blue.mp3, 6173k
15 Chevrolet.mp3, 4674k
16 Apologies to Pearly.mp3, 3916k
17 Bar B Q.mp3, 4752k
02 Brown Sugar.mp3, 7561k
03 Squank.mp3, 3967k
04 Goin' Down to Mexico.mp3, 4761k
05 Old Man.mp3, 4886k
06 Neighbor Neighbor.mp3, 3273k
07 Cetified Blues.mp3, 4875k
18 Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell.mp3, 9591k
19 Whiskey 'n Mama.mp3, 4710k
20 Down Brownie.mp3, 3419k
Legs, 5361k